Lithium-ion Battery Energy Storage Products

Matrix ffers a diverse range of Lithium-ion Battery Energy Storage Products, enabling them to meet the needs of different installations in residential, commercial and utility sectors.

Main Products

It is an enormous opportunity to increase the use of renewable energy that can help families and businesses save electricity bills, provide resilience against increasing grid failures and help decrease the impacts of climate change.

Matrix Ares P5200L

Battery Type:Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP)
Rated Voltage:51.2V
Rated Energy:5.12kWh
IP Rating:IP65
Warranty:4000 cycles, capacity>80%
Extension available:up to 40.96kWh.

Hassle Free Installation

Modular Design for easy installation

Low Voltage Battery

Users can install under the guidance of the Installation Manual or engineers from Matrix

Long Lifetime

Rated Lifespan of more than 4000 cycles

Increase Your Energy Independence

Reduce the electricity bill that you get from your rooftop power plant/system.Power your home with the solar energy stored in your battery, even when the sun goes down or when power outage suddenly happens.

Back-up Batteries All Powered from Sunshine

Store excess power on batteries for use when needed.

Maximize Your Self-consumption of Free Energy While Reducing Your Dependency on The Grid.

Battery storage helps meet homeowners’ energy demands, resulting in less or cheaper electricity purchased from the grid.

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